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Differences Between the 16 mp and the 18 mp Cameras

Differences Between the 16 mp and the 18 mp Cameras - Paper Shoot Camera

When you visit our site, you'll see that we offer 2 different types of cameras, a 16 mp and an 18 mp camera. Here's the reason why and here are a couple differences to look out for when you're shopping for that perfect Paper Shoot Camera. 

We started our Paper Shoot North America branch just 3 years ago in 2021, and back then all we had was a 13 mp camera, a couple cases, and we were off to a great start! Of course, as technology get betters and we as a company grow we've been able to provide more quality to our products, and that includes upping the specs, adding new cases, and launching new accessories to provide our fans and customers with new and improved technology.

In the last year, we came out with our 18 mp camera boards which means we still have a good chunk of our 16 mp cameras still in stock. While there are a few differences that I'll highlight below including better resolution and video capabilities, our 16 mp cameras are still high quality and work beautifully! 

Here are a couple differences: 

16MP (cost starting at $120)

16 mega-pixel photo resolution

1080p video recording

Up to 32 GB SD card support

USB type A charging port/cable

Photo Example 16 mp Black & White: 


18MP (cost starting at $139)

18 mega-pixel photo resolution

1440p video recording

Up to 128 GB SD card support

USB type C charge

Sync time/date to PC & Mac

Photo bursts

Improved nighttime shooting quality

Improved filters

Photo Example 18 mp Black & White


Most of the cases we have on our site are only offered when you purchase the 18 mp cameras, but you can find a few unique cases as well as a 16 mp camera set with accessories if you're looking to start from the bottom and work your way up!