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A Whole New Picture-Taking Experience

A Whole New Picture-Taking Experience - Paper Shoot Camera

Some of the comments we receive are from people who don’t understand why you would ever use the Paper Shoo Camera over your phone. We’ve made a few videos explaining why your phone is not the only option when it comes to taking pictures and we wanted to highlight that in this blog today.

If we used our phones to do everything, we wouldn’t find simple joys in listening to our favorite vinyl albums, going to the theatre to watch anticipated films, or traveling to new places to experience how beautiful the world is. If we did everything on our phones, we would stay home and live through our phone screens. But we don’t, because there are many ways to experience life, just like there are many ways to take a photo.

Our phones are amazing, efficient, and multi-faceted. We have the entire world at our fingertips and our photo-taking abilities get better and better with each new model that comes out. This doesn’t mean that phones are the only way to take photos. The Paper Shoot Camera offers individuals the chance for a new and exciting way to capture moments and memories with friends and family.

The Paper Shoot Camera doesn’t have a viewfinder which means you truly have to live in the moment when you take your photos. All you have to do is point the camera and click the shutter button on the front. The moment is then over, and you can go back to living in the present fully aware of where you are. The iPhone creates the want to look back at photos and obsess over finding that perfect one and if you didn’t capture the right one, you can keep on taking more photos or edit the ones you already have. It’s a never-ending cycle that keeps us glued to our devices.


The 4 photo filters that come with the Paper Shoot Camera allow you to choose the tone and mood of the photo before taking it. That’s all the editing you need. Unless you’re interested in changing the way the photo looks entirely, which in that case, you can peruse our many function cards and lenses to add to your camera. All your photos and videos come out looking like the vintage disposable-looking photos you get from a film or disposable camera. Our cameras are also easy to use and make the entire process of capturing a moment in time as quick as possible.

The Paper Shoot Camera was crafted out of the idea that we need to stop creating so much waste. It’s an eco-friendly and reusable camera that is truly a one-time purchase. Everything made for the camera is easy to use and won’t waste as much time as your iPhone does. We love the idea of living in the moment, so we created a product that lets you do just that.