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Elevating the Ordinary with My Paper Shoot Cam

Elevating the Ordinary with My Paper Shoot Cam - Paper Shoot Camera

What's beautiful about the Paper Shoot Camera is its ability to be an everyday item that you carry in your purse or pocket. You know those videos that start with "What's in Your Bag?" It's the something that's easy to carry and even easier to use! 

A lot of our content documents trips around the world, events we attend, or promotions and collaborations we get to be a part of but what about the mundane? We actually love the mundane, those little moments that make life that much sweeter. And we love the idea of documenting those personal, simple, and imperfect moments all on a camera that allows you to live more in the in between.

We've always catered our cameras to every level of photographer, which means they've been a part of many different lifestyles and generations. They were created to be versatile because we wanted to allow every human no matter what walk of life to experience the ease of saving their memories with the world's most efficient digital camera. To have a camera that captures such beautiful memories with just one click of a button in a nostalgic aesthetic is the best way ensure your favorite memories stay with you forever. 

We love the idea of no hassle technology either which is why a Paper Shoot Camera is such an on-brand camera for many. You really only need the camera to capture photography, but of course, we went a step further and provide our fans with accessories like function cards and a ring light (among many others) to add even more moments to that SD card. 

In honor of a new year and capturing the in between moments, here are a few of our favorites!