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How to Attach Paper Shoot's Screw-On vs. Magnetic Camera Lenses

How to Attach Paper Shoot's Screw-On vs. Magnetic Camera Lenses - Paper Shoot Camera

As Paper Shoot Camera evolves as a small business, so do the products we put so much time and effort into every year. With the ever-growing and expanding range of products we offer also come updates and changes to the technology we work with which is why it's so important that our fans and customers stay in the know when it comes to these exciting changes!

In 2022, we made a few changes including turning our 16 MP cameras turned into 18 MP and with that our regular original cases made the switch to screw-on cases. These small changes effected other accessories, specifically our lenses! While we still offer the same lenses and effects as the year before, the way they're put onto the camera is a little different and I'm here to give a small tutorial on the way they work! 

Our magnetic lenses are just that, magnetic! They have a small silver strip of metal on the backside that indicate the metal that attaches to the front of the camera. These lenses are easy to describe, and they're even easier to put onto the camera. Just find the lens on the camera and place the accessory lens right on top. There you have it! 



Our screw-on lenses require a couple extra steps. You'll first want to make sure you have a screw on case on your camera. You'll notice if it's a screw-on case by the ridges on the sides of the middle of the case. Once you have the right case, you'll then need a hex key and a screw ring adapter. You'll get these two items when you purchase any screw-on cases from us. 


On the ring adapter there is a small hole on one side, this side needs to stay up. Put the ring adapter inside the bras middle of the camera and use the hex key to screw it in place. Then you'll screw on the lens right into the middle. It's that easy!!