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Paper Shoot Camera on Tour with Maisie Peters

Paper Shoot Camera on Tour with Maisie Peters - Paper Shoot Camera

Maisie Peters is currently on tour right now headlining for Ed Sheeran while he tours across North America and Paper Shoot Camera partnered with Maisie herself to document the journey from her fans!

Our team went to Maisies show in New York on August 11th and got to take a lot of beautiful shots of Maisie doing her thing up on stage! They met with fans of Maisies after the show and even got to meet up with Maisie herself and take some fun photos with her after the concert.  

We love getting the opportunity to work with up-and-coming artists in the music industry. To support their journey and capture some of their best moments on stage means the world to us! The Paper Shoot Camera really is the perfect camera to bring to concerts and festivals. Not only can it capture beautiful shots of the artists and their incredible sets but with the ring light attachment, it makes for great photography in low light settings too.


We've gotten lots of really great opportunities this year to support artists and collaborate on events all around the world! We were invited to Coachella to work with American Express for 2 weeks in Palm Springs, we also got to work with Wes Anderson for his Asteroid City movie release! We even partnered with Benefit Cosmetics for their annual Benefit Brow Search Event We have so many more incredible collaborations coming up and we can't wait to have you come along for the ride! 

Maisie was amazing and posted lots of gorgeous Paper Shoot photos on her on Instagram page. If you'd like to see that post, I have the link below!

 Here are a few examples of some of the photos the Paper Shoot Camera took at her concert!