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Quick Fixes When Troubleshooting Your Paper Shoot

Quick Fixes When Troubleshooting Your Paper Shoot

As a team of 13 people, we do our absolute best to test every camera that we send out to our customers and even with such a small team in place, we're proud of how well we catch mistakes and fix our errors. However, while we work diligently to make sure every camera board, case, and accessory is in top condition, sometimes we aren't in control of certain issues or we just didn't catch it in time.

With that being said, we have a few troubleshooting tips and tricks for those pesky problems that can easily be fixed on your own. Here are the top 3 issues our customers come across and what you can do to fix the problem at home!


My Camera Keeps Taking Photos and Won't Turn Off:

First, I just want to point out that we don't have a button to turn off the camera. It does it on its own. In this case if it's not, this is usually an indicator of low battery. If you're not using rechargeable batteries, you need to switch as soon as you can. Switch to high-quality AAA rechargeable batteries like Bonai or Energizer and fully charge your camera before using. Try charging overnight and then use your camera to see if the picture-taking stops. Please email us if you've tried using rechargeable batteries and charging your camera overnight. 


My Camera is Not Responding When I Take a Photo

Once you've verified that you're using very high-quality rechargeable batteries and that they are fully charged (try charging overnight), then you can follow these next steps to troubleshoot! 

Remove the batteries from your camera but leave the SD card inside. Plug your camera into a power source with the charging cable that came with your order. Do not plug it into a computer, use a wall outlet or power bank. Choose the first filter setting (colour) on the back of the camera and then press the shutter button on the front to take a photo. If the camera has taken a photo, it means your batteries are not providing enough charge and you need a new set of high-quality rechargeable batteries. 


My Camera is Making Error Noises and the Lights are Flashing:

The indicators on the back of the camera are the best way to figure out what's happening with your camera. 

If the left LED light is flashing, it means there's an issue with the SD card. Either it's full of photos and needs to be emptied, it's not sitting inside the camera properly, or it needs to be formatted to Exfat. 

If the right LED light is flashing, it means there's an issue with the batteries. That can mean low battery or you're not using high-quality RECHARGEABLE batteries. You need to use rechargeable batteries with the Paper Shoot Camera. 

If both LED lights are flashing, it also means there's a battery issue so make sure you follow the steps above to try and resolve the issue. 

If none of these tips are helpful, again you can always email us at and we can help you with the issue at hand!