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Shattering Rumors About the Paper Shoot Camera

Shattering Rumors About the Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

We've seen incredible success in the last few years and with that comes skeptics that procure different myths about our cameras and we're here today to debunk a few of these myths so that you can be fully aware of what a Paper Shoot Camera is and and how it functions!

Misconception 1: The cases are flimsy

Ok I get it, our cameras have the word paper in them, so it's very natural to think that they're made from paper. The Paper Shoot is actually made from stone paper, which is basically crushed rocks molded together to create the cases! The cases are created with limestone and HD polythylene which is a high quality and water-proof material, meaning the cases can withstand spills and rain. Our other cases like our wood and brass, and fiberglass cases are created with recycled materials as well! 

Misconception 2: The cameras break after a few uses

This is very untrue! Only a very very small percentage of cameras are created faulty and sent to our customers. When that's the case and everything's been tried to bring the camera back, we send out a new camera board! When there are issues, it's usually because the wrong batteries are being used. Rest assured, you will get a working camera if you purchase from us. 

Misconception 3: The quality is crap 

Now this is subjective but I'll post a few photos below to show you all some of the raw and unedited photos I took with my Paper Shoot Camera. The quality is better than the iPhones except for the last 2 versions. For a small and eco-friendly digital camera, the photos turn out absolutely beautiful, don't you think?