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Unique Mother Day Gifts for 2023

Unique Mother Day Gifts for 2023 - Paper Shoot Camera

It’s time to think about a Mothers Day gift. This special day is an opportunity to show your appreciation to a loving mom in your life. It could be your own mom or step mom, or maybe your wife, sister, daughter, niece, or BFF. Choose something different than last year, and give her something as individual as she is. We did the research and prepared this list of ideas for unique Mothers Day gifts for 2023 to help make your shopping easier.

Supporting Small Businesses

The best way to be sure you buy unique Mothers Day gifts is by shopping at small businesses. Choosing small and bespoke brands, instead of big-box names at the local mall, you immediately increase the chance that your gift will stand out and be memorable for years to come. This may be easier than you think! Small business statistics for 2023 show that 99.9% of businesses across the US are small and locally owned. Not only does supporting small businesses benefit your local economy, it also provides you with more unique Mothers Day gifts.

Gift Idea #6 - Personalized jewellry

For the woman in your life who always wanted a personalized necklace, but the mall store never had one with her name. Check out EvryJewels, where every item is designed by a dynamic duo of young entrepreneurs. Select the name of your loved one to put on a necklace, a signet ring, or dozens of other options to make unique Mothers Day gifts for everyone on your list.

Gift Idea #5 - Make your family into art

Everyone will find space for this unique home decor gift idea from LoveKoki. From hair color to the handwritten message, you can fully customize to represent your chosen family. These beautiful prints will be loved as wall art or anywhere in the home. With a fast turnaround, your print can be ready to frame and gift within a few days. 

Unique Mothers Day Gifts - LoveKoki Personalized family wall art

Gift Idea #4 - Send love all year

Paris, the City of Love is connected to the origin story of this small business. Love Box is a unique method to send little notes, drawings, and messages all year long. They have many unique personalized options including for grandparents, parents, and pride! This is a unique Mothers Day gift that keeps sending love all year. 

Gift Idea #3 - Share the story of your family

Give a book that personalizes the story of your family with LoveBook. This company started when 4 friends in Michigan wanted to create more meaningful gifts to friends and family. Each page can be customized, which means you can create unique Mothers Day gifts for everyone on your list! 

Gift Idea #2 - Digital photo frame

Why select one photo to share as a gift when you have so many loaded on your Paper Shoot camera to choose from? Skylight Frame was created by a group of Harvard students who wanted to share images of their life with faraway family and friends. This beautiful frame displays the latest photos of growing children by simply emailing the images. This means you can send new photos all year long, with no need for printing, posting, or downloading!

Supporting Small Businesses for Mothers Day Gifts

Gift Idea #1 Paper Shoot Camera

Yes! Paper Shoot is not just eco-friendly and customizable, it’s also a small business run with passion by its founder, George, and our savvy Canadian CEO, Gillian Gallant! A Paper Shoot camera is water-resistant, highly durable, and interchangeable. It’s the perfect travel buddy and everyday lifestyle camera for people who love the simplicity of a disposable camera but don’t want to deal with the time and cost of developing film. 

Now is the time to start selecting unique Mothers Day gifts for the amazing women on your list. We hope this list is helpful and that you choose to support small businesses. 

Written by Rebecca, who ran a small business for 20 years and now helps people be better entrepreneurs at The Hagstone Blog.