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The Beautiful Film Aesthetic with Paper Shoot Camera

The Beautiful Film Aesthetic with Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

With the recent rise in disposable and film camera sales recently, we completely understand why these older versions of cameras are coming back into style. They give a beautiful aesthetic to their photos and invite a sense of nostalgia when you finally see the pictures. The downside to these cameras are how wasteful and expensive they can be. Disposable cameras, while they give you a beautiful retro vibe to your photos, only allow you to take about 30 pictures before making you pay to see your photos and develop them. On top of that, you throw away the camera after just one use. Film cameras, on the other hand, don't get thrown away but do use film which can be harmful to the environment and your pockets.

Wether you used to use these cameras when you were younger to document trips with families or you're obsessed with that disposable camera aesthetic, the Paper Shoot Camera can give you everything you're looking for in a small, affordable, and eco-friendly package.

One of the biggest draws to the Paper Shoot Camera is how beautiful and unique the photos come out. We’ve created the perfect 4 filters for all of your photos that give both the pictures and the videos that vintage disposable and film camera look without actually having to buy a film or disposable camera. We wanted to give you that same effect that other cameras give you but in a compact and eco-friendly product that you will use over and over again for one price. You never have to buy anything new to use our camera and you can take unlimited pictures and videos.

We wanted to showcase some of our favorite photos that have that beautiful film aesthetic that everyone’s dying to have in their photos. Our 3 filters are Normal, Sepia, Black and White, and Cold (Blue). Each filter gives you a different tone and vibe to your pictures, but of course, keeping with that popular disposable-photo aesthetic in each one.