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The Paper Shoot Camera Makes for the Perfect Christmas Gift

The Paper Shoot Camera Makes for the Perfect Christmas Gift - Paper Shoot Camera

Featured on Time’s Best 100 List, CNN, and Buzzfeed, the Paper Shoot Camera is taking over the market as one of the best cameras to use as an eco-friendly alternative to film cameras and disposables. And with the holiday season now upon us, we know you’re starting to make your Christmas lists early while simultaneously looking at what gifts are the best to show your family and friends how much you care about them. We might be a little biased when it comes to this, but we really do think the Paper Shoot Camera is one of the best gifts you can give AND receive this Christmas season, and here’s why!


Everybody Loves Film and Vintage Aesthetic Pictures – Who’s not going into a photo editor these days and changing their pictures to have a vintage filter over them? The retro aesthetic is in, so why not gift someone you love with a camera that gives them just that? There are 4 beautiful vintage filters to choose from on the camera as well as function cards and lenses that you can purchase online to help give the photos that extra something! While we know you can do this on your phone, sometimes people want to take a step away from their phone and enjoy a different way to capture their pictures.

Supporting Small Businesses is Cool! – We’re all trying to be a bit more intentional about where we get our products and who we’re supporting in the process. With Paper Shoot, you’re supporting a small business of only a handful of people working hard to create the perfect product that is not only easy and efficient to use but also enjoyable to take with you to events, celebrations, and on trips!

 Eco-Friendly Products Help Everyone - Even the earth! Just like one of our goals in 2023 will be to support more small businesses, it’s also a big goal of ours to keep our environment at the forefront of our minds when we’re shopping and choosing our products. We’re nearing a climate crisis if you haven’t heard which means there’s more demand for eco-conscious products that don’t create more waste during and even after production. Our cameras are made from recycled materials and are made to last a long time. Unlike disposables which are usually thrown away after you take your 30 pictures, everything with the Paper Shoot Camera is reusable, from the cases and lenses to the rechargeable batteries and SD card that gives you unlimited pictures. It’s a one-time purchase and we’re proud of that!

Our Cameras are for All Ages – From toddlers and kids who love to grab their parents’ phone and run away to take pictures to grandparents who enjoy the vintage vibe and the cameras' easy-to-use features as well as everybody in between, this camera is the perfect gift for anyone in your life whatever age they may be. For engaged couples and newlyweds who want to capture their big day or newlywed adventures, to travelers wanting to document their trips, the Paper Shoot Camera is the perfect slim, durable, and aesthetic gift that we know anyone, and everyone will love.

 You really can’t go wrong putting the Paper Shoot Camera on your Christmas list or gifting one to someone you love. We offer something special to our customers, a camera that gets people away from their phones for a bit and allows them to enjoy the moment they’re in! Shop our cameras, bundles, and accessories on our website today!