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Who is the Paper Shoot Camera For?

Who is the Paper Shoot Camera For? - Paper Shoot Camera

If you’ve ever come across our website and wondered who exactly our cameras are for, we’re here to tell you that they’re for everyone. You might still be a little skeptical, but they really are. From kids stealing their parents’ phones to take photos of everything in sight to grandparents wanting to relive the older days and bring back vintage pictures, we’ve created an easy-to-use camera for them and everyone else in between.

Young Kids Fascinated with Vintage Technology – Or really any technology. Because the Paper Shoot is so easy to use, with just one click of the shutter button on the front, your child will be able to take unlimited vintage pictures and videos. It’s a really fun way to see the day from their own perspective. We know kids are obsessed with technology, just like we are, why not give them something they’ll love to use and cherish while getting to keep your phone by your side?

Mom’s and Dad’s Wanting Family Moments Captured- Sometimes space can be limited on your phone so having a camera dedicated to capturing big moments and of course, all the small ones in between can be a great way to collect memories and look back on them together. There’s really no better way to document your child growing up than to capture so special moments with your very own Paper Shoot Camera.

Students Ready for The New School Semester– School goes by quickly and the memories you can make will be cherished for a lifetime. Why not gift the Paper Shoot Camera to a teen who’s looking to take pictures of moments with friends during pep rallies, school dances, and prom? We can also collectively agree that vintage is in, which means everyone’s looking to get those grainy retro pictures for their social media accounts, especially teens in middle and high school.

Travelers on the Road or Staying Abroad – Our cameras are the best travel companions to take with you on trips around the world. They are very durable, lightweight, slim, and fit into almost any pocket you have. They won’t get damaged going through security at the airport and the SD card it uses means you’ll be able to see your pictures whenever you want, unlike a disposable camera which you need to pay to develop your content. We also believe that sometimes putting your phone away while traveling is exactly what’s needed to get some rest and relaxation, but if there’s a moment you want to capture, you’ll want to take a quick picture to remember it, which is why the Paper Shoot Camera is the perfect swap to help you stay away from your phone.

Couples on Their Wedding Day- We’ve seen lots of success when couples have shared our camera on their wedding day as a way to take pictures from their own perspective. Let the hired photographer take extravagant shots of the venue, guests, and ceremony, while the Paper Shoot Camera captures intimate moments between the bride and groom as they get ready and meet with guests. The bride and groom can pass it back and forth and they’ll get simple and personal moments to look back on while they wait for their professional photos to come in.

Grandparents Experiencing Nostalgia - Technology advances quickly, sometimes people who aren’t tech-savvy feel like they’re being left behind. Because our cameras are so easy to work with and require minimal effort to use, grandparents have found them enjoyable and love the vintage aesthetic of the photos they take.