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Why Do Our Cameras Start at $120?

Why Do Our Cameras Start at $120? - Paper Shoot Camera

That’s one of the most asked questions we get, and we wanted to tell you why we price our cameras the way we do. We understand why we get this question when people first come across our social media pages. They’re introduced to a small camera advertised as a paper camera and are told it starts at $120. There’s so much more that goes into our cameras that many people don’t realize, and we wanted to take you all behind the scenes and show you that the price is worth it, and we think you’ll agree. In the end, this is a digital camera we’re talking about, and technology is expensive, but we have a few other reasons why we price the way we do – so let’s get into it!

Eco-Friendly Materials – The Paper Shoot Camera is created with eco-friendly, biodegradable, and reusable materials. The “paper cases” are actually made from stone paper, which isn’t even paper! They’re created with stone-milled limestone and HD polyethylene, basically crushed rock, making them extremely durable and sustainable. The cases are also biodegradable and after a year of constant exposure to the elements will biodegrade into a biodegradable resin. They are even water-resistant, making the camera perfectly safe for use outside in the snow or rain. Our camera boards and accessories like our lenses are created with materials about to be thrown out by companies like Apple. We work hard to create every element of our cameras with high-quality eco-friendly materials meant to last.

Unlimited and Reusable – That’s right, you heard us right ladies and gents! Unlike disposable cameras that you throw out after only 27 photos, you get unlimited photos AND videos because the camera uses an SD card to store all the content you take. The camera will alert you when it’s time to empty your SD card as it’s getting full. The Paper Shoot Camera also runs on 2 AAA rechargeable batteries and will also alert you when it’s time to charge your camera. You get a USB-c cable with your order so you can easily charge your camera as well as use it to look at photos on your computer at the end of the day.

Living Wages – We have a total of 13 people working every day to create the perfect cameras for our customers. That’s a small team of people working hard to ensure you get a quality product. Everyone on the team gets paid a living wage, unlike other companies that like to exploit their workers and use cheap materials to keep the cost of their product ultra-low.

As we battle the trend of disposable cameras coming back for summertime, we want to remind our customers, with a disposable camera you only get 27 photos before you throw away the entire camera, and you also have to pay to develop your photos after you’re done (something you don’t have to do with our camera). After doing a little math on our end, 1 Paper Shoot Camera costs about 3.5 disposable cameras. Those 3.5 disposable cameras give you about 120 photos, while the Paper Shoot gives you unlimited photos, 4 photo filters, and tons of accessories to choose from to change the look of your photography. So, is it worth it to you yet?