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February 08, 2021 3 min read

To Begin With, It Is Crazy Easy. 

I put that in big, bold letters because I know how it feels to get in over your head with your camera abilities. We've all struggled uncomfortably with a DSLR as it hangs heavily from our necks, insisting that yes, we do know how to use it, and no, it's never done this before. 

With any Paper Shoot camera, taking amazing film-style photos, videos, and time-lapses is easier than ever. The camera operates on an SD card located inside the camera's case, so all of your photos are available to you instantly by inserting the SD card into your computer OR by plugging the camera into your computer via USB.

The viewfinder is just a hole that you could stick your pinky finger through (if you wanted to, I guess) which totally eradicates the ever-frustrating toggling with the focus and flash! Literally, what you see is what you get.

The shutter is located in plain sight on the front of the camera. No more fumbling for the shutter, which is actually the recording button, which is actually the menu, which is actually -okay, just forget it, not ALL weddings need to be documented. 

There are four filter settings on the back of the camera: regular colour, black and white, green tint, and blue tint. You can toggle between the different filters by switching the little knob back and forth. One moment, you can capture a billowing evergreen willow as it dances softly with the wind, and the next, you can snap a black-and-white shot of a single blade of grass as a super deep metaphor for how lonely and sensitive you are. 


Attaching a lens to the camera is so easy it's almost embarrassing to tell you, but I'm going to anyway. The lenses are magnetic so you just stick them on. Thank you and good night!



Cameras don't have to be huge, ugly things anymore. Switching up the look of your Paper Shoot is easier than changing your pants with creative, sleek, and interchangeable cases. Simply undo the screws located on the front of your camera, place the camera into your new case, refasten the screws, and you're done!


If you want to take a video or a time-lapse on your Paper Shoot, all you have to do is plug the camera into a power source and switch the colour filters from before to the third setting for time-lapse, and the fourth setting for video. 

Battery quality is essential to get those awesome film-style shots on the Paper Shoot camera! We definitely recommend using good quality, rechargeable batteries. Leave the dollar store brand to your remote, or your sibling's dodgy disposable camera that will be the laughing stock at Thanksgiving when you show up wielding your Paper Shoot. 

Part of why the Paper Shoot is so revered is because of its minimalistic and simplistic use. It took me longer to learn a 15-second Tik Tok dance than it took me to learn all of its operations and start snapping away at literally EVERYTHING in my apartment. It's the perfect camera for photography-lovers and novices alike, and between its sleek design and simplistic operations, you're never going to want to put it down! Get ready to start addictively capturing everything that goes on in your life, whether your friends and family like it or not!

Jillian Smart
Jillian Smart