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February 22, 2021 2 min read

Paper Shoot offers a wide variety of cameras and bundles -but one of the most popular questions we get is this: what's the difference between the two? And which one is best for you?



Let's start off simple:


A Singular Paper Shoot Camera

A singular Paper Shoot camera is a great why to try Paper Shoot out and start off your new favourite obsession. Included in this package is a camera board, the simple case of your choosing, a USB cable, and fasteners. SD cards and batteries are sold separately! You can also purchase additional lenses and beautiful, unique cases to go with any outfit or occasion! 

Cork Camera Set

The Cork Camera Set comes in a beautiful wooden box and includes the camera board, one cork case, a USB cable, fasteners, and a fabric strap to hold your camera. They also include an SD card and two lenses: Macro and Wide Angle!

Vanguard and CROZ Simple Light

Now we're getting into the world of the elite.

Both of these sets (Vanguard is a stunning clear case and CROZ Simple Light is a sleek, wooden design) come in beautiful gift boxes and include gold fasteners, a camera board, either beautiful case, a fabric strap, and a USB cable! They also include Macro and Wide Angle lenses and an SD card!

Simple Light

Premium Gift Sets

These are the showstoppers! Included in this series are the Premiumand Vintage models. The packaging is sleek and looks different from all of our other sets! They come with all the basics: a camera board, USB cable, one case, and fasteners, but they also come with a BUNCH of amazing accessories: an additional case (one clear and one wooden), Macro and Wide Angle lenses, sleek brass frames and fasteners, an SD card, and a beautiful leather strap! These bundles are stunning and make perfect gifts. The cases are incredibly durable and high quality and they're also sleek and beautiful! What more could you want from a camera?!  Check them out:


What do you think of the sets? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments and we'll see ya next week!

Jillian Smart
Jillian Smart

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