Lens - Radial Effect Lens & Six Prism Effect Lens

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Have you ever wanted to add a little something extra to your photos? Well, you're in luck! Our Radial and Six Prism Effect Lenses are perfect for elevating your photography game.

Radial Effect Lens:

  • Create a dreamy blur around a clear center, making your photos look like they came straight out of a storybook. 
  • Perfect for artistic shots and soft-focus backgrounds to make your photos stand out.

Six Prism Effect Lens:

  • Bends and refracts light in fascinating ways, creating six captivating images in your frame. 
  • Perfect for creating surreal and kaleidoscopic photos that will impress.

The best part? These lenses aren't just tools; they're your creative partners. They'll help you see the world in new and extraordinary ways, enabling you to capture images that resonate with your imagination and flair.

IMPORTANT: This is accessory is only compatible with 16MP cameras. 

Lenses FAQ

How do you use the lenses?

We have 2 types of lenses, ones created as a magnet for regular cases and screw-on lenses created for new screw ring cases. If you’re using the screw lenses, you’ll get a little screw ring (lens adapter) and a hex key that’ll help you fasten the lens in place.

Place the screw ring on top of the camera lens making sure that the side with the small hole is facing up. Then use the key to twist it tightly in place. Then screw the lens right on top of the camera until it tightens. The magnetic lenses can be placed right on top of the camera lens. No need to twist or tighten, they're magnetic!

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