SD Card - 32GB


32GB Micro SD Card & Adapter for your camera.

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SD Card FAQs

How do you know when your SD card is full?

There are indicators on the back that tell you if the camera needs charging or if there’s
an issue with your SD card. The left indicator on the back is for the SD card and it’ll flash
when there’s an issue regarding the SD card.

How many photos can the SD card hold?

The SD card sold on the website is 32GB and holds about 6,000 photos. If you’re also
taking videos, that number is closer to 5,000. You can use an SD card of up to 128 GB.

How do I see photos from the SD card?

There are three ways to see photos from the camera. The first is to take the SD card out
and pop it into your laptop. Once you do, a folder will pop up with the photos you’ve
taken. You can also use an SD card reader for your phone. Plug the SD card into the
reader and connect the reader to your phone. Go to your photos and a download icon
will pop up on the bottom. You can also use the USB-C cable that comes with your order
to connect the entire camera to your laptop and you’ll get the same folder on your
screen with all your photos.

How do I format the SD card?

Formatting SD card for Windows (32 GB SD card)
1. Select this PC in File Manager and right click your SD card in the Devices
2. Click format
3. Click the File system drop down and select FAT32
4. Click Start
5. Click Ok
Formatting SD card for MAC (MS-DOS)
1. Insert your SD card into your Mac using its SD card slot or an SD card reader
2. Open Disk Utility
3. Select SD card
4. Navigate to the top menu bar and click erase
5. Choose appropriate file system format (EXFAT for SD cards over 64 GB; MS-
DOS FAT if it’s 32 GB or smaller)