Paper Camera - Summer Bloom Orange



Our Summer Bloom Orange camera is pretty, delicate, and reminiscent of Valencian streets with their blooming orange trees - full of fruit season through season that you can’t even eat. They’re too sour. You’d think they could’ve at least planted the kind of oranges that are edible, since they look exactly the same. Seems like Spain doesn’t want its residents to enjoy free snacks!


18MP - 4896x3672
Sensor - 1/3
Focus - 22mm
Aperture - F.22
ISO - 100-3200

What's Included

1 Camera Board
1 Paper Stone Case
1 Paper Neck Wrap
1 Micro USB Cable
2 plastic & 2 brass fasteners

Requires 2 AAA rechargeable batteries and 1 SD Card - not included for shipping purposes.


Get Creative With 4 Colour Filters

All of our cameras come with 4 shooting modes. Colour, Black & White, Sepia & Cool Tone.