Photos Taken By Paper Shoot Camera

What do the photos look like from a Paper Shoot Camera? Our cameras have 4 colour filters built in (colour, black & white, sepia and cool tone) so you can play around with your favourite settings and get creative!

You can also play around with our various lenses or function cards to get extra unique shots.

All photos on this page are customer submitted.

Photographer highlight: Penelope Deen

Every month, Paper Shoot will feature a new Paper Shoot photographer here on our Gallery page! For our first edition, it was an easy choice to feature Penelope Deen, who has been one of our biggest supporters since day one!

She is a brilliant artist living in New York and her account is one of our favourites, as we believe it perfectly encapsulates what Paper Shoot is all about: creativity, making memories, and the people we make them with.