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Designers Needed: We’re looking for new camera designs!


Paper Shoot Cameras are customizable due to the outer casing made from Stone Paper. We can print any design onto our cameras, making them fun and creative.

We’re launching a design contest because we want to hear from YOU! We’ve seen how creative our customers are and want to bring your designs to life on a Paper Shoot Camera.

Contest Rules

Submit your design between June 15 - June 30th 2021 to be featured in this contest. Please download the files to design your own camera! To submit your design, please use the contact form below & link a Google Drive folder in the message or email with your designs attached.

Contest voting runs between July 1st 2021 and July 15th 2021. Get your friends, family & followers to select your entry to win! The entry with the most votes will be rewarded the prize & have their design printed and sold on our website!

Canada & US Only **

Contest Prize

The prize for 1st place is $2500 cash & 15% of the profits of the cameras with your design sold on our website!