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Commonly Asked Questions

Before sending us a message, check out our most commonly asked questions below in case it is already answered! If not listed, we are happy to answer your questions in an email.

Troubleshooting Your Camera

If you are experiencing difficulties with your camera, please ensure the following:

1. You are using rechargeable AAA batteries - if your camera is making a weird noise, or the LED lights are not flashing when you click shutter button, this is most likely be the solution

2. You are using an SD card of 32GB and under & that it is fully inserted into the SD card slot (not sticking out) - this can also cause the camera to make a strange noise and your photos will not save properly

3. You have assembled the camera properly - watch this video for assembly instructions

International Shipping

Paper Shoot North America currently only ships to Canada and the USA. If you are in any other country, please visit our parent website as they ship to other countries other than US. & Canada.

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If you would like to earn sales commission from referring your friends, family or followers please sign up for our affiliate program where you will receive 10% on all sales you refer.

Pre-Order Questions

Please check the home page to check out latest updates on our pre-sale orders. 
If the camera you would like to order is marked as "Sold Out" this means that all cameras with that case design have been allocated from our upcoming shipment. All cameras are in pre-order status at the moment, but as soon as we receive them we send them out. If you select an expedited shipping option, the delays still apply. However, we will expedite your shipment once we receive the product so that you can receive your order as soon as possible.

Other Questions?
Check out our FAQ page for more commonly asked questions or email us using the contact form below.