A Congratulations Is In Order! Snaps to all of our Design Contest Winners!

Roll out the red carpet for creativity! Our design contest ignited a storm of imagination and innovation. From bold patterns to intricate artwork, we've been awestruck by your unparalleled creativity. A huge thank you to every participant who embraced this new program and made it a resounding success. As the curtains rise, it's time to spotlight the masterpieces and showcase our winners and their incredible designs!


Alex Preston - “Retro Denim”

Hi! I’m Alex. As a videographer and crafty gal, I was inspired by Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR cover and Y2K trends to create a denim patchwork camera case that will make you the most popular gal in school.

Austin Ashcraft - “Saguaro Sunrise Sunset”

I'm Austin, a photographer and artist. I’ve always been captivated by the deserts of the Southwest, so I designed a Southwestern-themed camera. I used hand-drawn minimal designs to capture the natural beauty, allure and contrasting moods of the desert.

Jasper Hutchens - “No Signal”

Hello, I’m Jasper. I am a filmmaker, crocheter, and graphic designer with a love of photography. My design was inspired by a vintage television with a failed broadcast signal.

Karalyn Hood - “Grandma’s Quilt”

I'm Karalyn, a design student at the University of Michigan. This design was inspired by my favorite quilt and season, Summer. Like a quilt, it evokes comfort and nostalgia and captures the happiness of looking through summer photos.

Nanea Ah You - “Phases of the Moon”

Aloha mai kākou! I'm Nanea, a Native Hawaiian artist from Maui. My design was inspired by Mahina or the Moon. Mahina holds great importance in our culture, and I wanted to share her beauty and wonder with the world.