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How it Started

George Lin, Founder of Paper Shoot Camera has made it his mission to create a simple, yet beautiful camera that anyone can use - no matter who you are or where you’re from.

George helped his parents by earning money for his household starting at an early age. He was never able to afford photography equipment and to this day doesn’t have any images of his grandparents to look back on.

As he got older, his love for photography blossomed and so he created the Paper Shoot Camera.

“Make the memory become instant and make instant become forever”

With the “less is more” concept, Paper Shoot Cameras have made the art of photography simple, and put the focus on what’s in front of the camera.

About Us

When the pandemic began, business partners Gillian and Jack transitioned from running brick-and-mortar businesses to launching their e-commerce careers as the world shifted to accommodate online purchases.

In October of 2020, they discovered the Paper Shoot Camera and immediately fell in love with its simplicity, sustainability, and aesthetic.

Realizing the incredible opportunity they had in front of them, they quickly reached out to George Lin, the founder of Paper Shoot and signed on as the official North American distribution team.

In January of 2021, they found their TikTok and social media manager, Jillian Smart. It wasn’t long until the Paper Shoot Camera TikTok Page blew up and Jack and Gillian were up to their ears in orders, using Gillian’s dad’s living room as a warehouse.

With the success of TikTok, Gillian and Jack hired photographer Dylan of Capital Content and web developer Artur Ishkaev of Artur Agency as key members of the team.

Paper Shoot is constantly expanding and looking to collaborate with artists and creatives. In March of 2021, we hired 10 TikTok ambassadors who’ve become influential in the company’s success. As we continue to grow, we hope to expand our means of collaboration and stick to our company’s founding morals of creativity and community.

Gillian and Jack



Tiktok Manager

Dylan Holton


Artur ishakev

Web Developer

Work With Us

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Our Values


Our cameras are made by using sustainable & recycled materials


Our simple point and shoot cameras are created to live in the moment


Paper shoot inspires creativity, from the design of the cameras to the images captured

Our Sustainability Goals

At Paper Shoot, we’re all about doing our best. We’re doing our best to produce responsibly by sourcing sustainable and recycled materials where we can, and combating unethical labour by providing all of our workers with living wages and healthy, safe, and happy working conditions. We’re also doing our best to live in the moment and get back to the simplicity of photography and life before phones and social media. The Paper Shoot Camera is compact, simplistic, and founded on the principle of connection: because you can’t see the photos until after, and there are minimal controls and the ability to take unlimited photos, you can easily take a phot of your life as it happens around you, and then get back to it just as easily. We’re not about producing the fanciest, highest resolution photo because that’s not what truly matters – it’s what’s in front of the camera that’s worth more than any piece of technology. Capture it with us!
1. Create sustainable, long lasting alternatives to film and disposable cameras
2. Take a break from phones & social media and get back to living in and capturing the moment
3. Encourage creativity through simplicity
4. Pay workers fair, living wages, and provide clean, safe, and healthy workspaces
5. Inclusivity - a camera that anyone can use, despite age or skill level

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Frequently Asked Questions

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