Hi Penelope! Tell us about yourself! What do you do and what are you passionate about? Hype yourself up!

I just graduated Hunter College Cum Laude as a Women & Gender Studies/Theatre Double Major with a Dance minor! I am a Gemini with a Libra moon and a queer, mixed-race baddie from NYC. I am also a dual-citizen of Canada and America. Currently, I am a professional theatre artist, dance teacher, choreographer and actor. Back in 2019 I made my Off-Broadway debut as the lead in the internet-famous musical Oceanborn! I am also an advocate for Sexual Assault as I am a survivor myself. My goal is to create social change through performance art.

(Okay, seriously, how cool is she?)

What inspired you to get a Paper Shoot Camera?

During the pandemic I became incredibly depressed and struggled with mental health. It was difficult for me to be in front of the camera because of how I was feeling about myself.

I have a modeling page (@thegoddesspersephone) which is focused on professional pictures of me, but I was wanting to show another side of myself- more of my truth and that involves featuring and showcasing my amazing friends.

I saw Papershoot on the internet and figured it would be a cute way for me to celebrate and capture moments from my life to be positive about my experiences. Truthfully, it worked and now whenever I go out without my papershoot, I totally get bummed out. It’s perfect and incredibly portable, which is ideal for me since I’m a New Yorker and always on the go.

What advice would you give to another Paper Shoot Camera user?

If I could give any advice to a Paper Shoot user, I would say to use it to save moments you want to remember. Have it on you as much as possible. If it’s not working the way you want it to, be patient. Take it apart, do a little check in, she’s always fine after you do that. Handle your pape with care <3

What is your favourite Paper Shoot feature?

My favorite Paper Shoot feature is how quick and simple it is. The camera is pretty straightforward and not complicated. I love the size because I can bring it anywhere and it’s also super light. The filters are lovely and I truly enjoy the pictures the camera takes.

If you could tell Paper Shoot Haters one thing, what would it be? (Don’t hold back)

I’d tell papershoot haters to get over themselves. Enjoy your overcomplicated and unenvironmentally friendly cameras.

If you could gift anyone throughout history a Paper Shoot, who would it be?

This is a cute question. Marilyn Monroe has been on my mind a lot- so I think I’d pick her. Not only is she a fellow Gemini with an air moon, but she had many truths that were unseen. Maybe a cute lil pape could have been a way for her to express her unfiltered truth.

How are you using your camera this summer/where are you most excited to bring it? On cottage trips? To farmer's markets? On vacation?

I love bringing it everywhere. Events, trips, parties- you can catch me & my pape in action. People now expect me to have it on me and it’s created a lot of buzz in my community because of it. Everyone wants me to take their picture and be featured on my account. She came with me to Canada this past fall and she will be going with me to Edinburgh because I’ll be performing in the Fringe Festival this August!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about getting a Paper Shoot?

If someone were on the fence I would remind them that it’s better for the planet, keeps you in the moment, and helps you capture memories authentically. It’s simple, portable and an excellent conversation starter. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met because they are like “what is that?!?” or they’re like “OMG YOU HAVE THE TIKTOK CAMERA”- and It’s always nice to meet new people. You will never regret having it on you, but you will regret forgetting it at home when you go out. Can’t tell you how many times I go out then am like “shoot I wish I brought my pape.”

Thank you so much Penelope for her continued support and for doing this interview!

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