Dive into the Urban Jungle

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Packed with an 18MP Camera that sees the city through rose-tinted (or monochrome, if that's your vibe) lenses, these bundles are your ticket to becoming the ultimate urban adventurer.

With your choice of traveler's case, that's tougher than your last trivia night, an SD card to store all the "oops" moments, and a strap that says "chic" louder than your favorite influencer, you're all set!

Oh, and let's not forget the exclusive sticker sheet, because what's a camera without a bit of personality splashed on it? Whether you're strutting through the streets of Toronto or sashaying around Rome, our bundles have everything you need to express your city style. So snap it, share it, and show off that urban flair. After all, if your camera doesn’t have a story, are you even doing city life right?

What's Your City Vibe?


"The Big Smoke"
Shooting Style: Moody

Foggy London, where history whispers in every alley and pubs tell tales. It's a city wrapped in mystery, sipping tea with a side of sarcasm. Where every raindrop tells a story, and the Tower might just wink back.


"Cidade Maravilhosa"
Shooting Style: Teal & Orange

Rio bursts with color, samba rhythms, and endless summer vibes. It's a carnival of life, where sunsets paint the sky and the city dances till dawn. Embrace the joy, the colors, and the pulsating energy of Brazil's heart.


"The Eternal City"
Shooting Style: Monochrome Elegance

Step into Rome's timeless dance, where history and 'la dolce vita' blend in monochrome. Ancient ruins and modern life collide, crafting stories in every shadow. Rome is an eternal film reel, with gelato for intermissions.

New York

"The Big Apple"
Shooting Style: Classic Film

Dive into New York's cinematic scene, where skyscrapers and classic film vibes meet 2 AM pizza runs. It's the city that never sleeps, powered by ambition and the best bagels. Here, life's a movie, and you're the director.


"The Six"
Shooting Style: Icy Chill

Toronto, a snowy urban mosaic, glows with diversity and icy charm. It's Canada's warm heart in winter's embrace, where multicultural vibes meet serene snowscapes. Here, every snapshot captures the city's dynamic spirit and cozy corners.

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