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What is Paper Shoot?

Papershoot Blurb Papershoot is a revolutionary lifestyle digital camera that captures film like photos with eco friendly creative innovation. The switchable and editable camera case provides people with a fun unique digital photography experience that’s tailer made for the individual, brand, or event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take a picture?
To take a picture on a Paper Shoot Camera, press the button on the front of the camera. There will be a short pause, then you will see the light at the back of the camera flash once, and the capture sound will play.
How do I take pictures with filters?
To take a picture with the different filter settings, you will find the toggle switch at the back of the camera. This will allow you to switch the filter from colour, black & white, green tint or blue tint.
How do I see my pictures I have taken?
Every Paper Shoot camera comes with a USB that can be plugged into the side of the camera, and into your computer. Open the folder and you will see all your images that you have captured
How do I take a video?
You can take video on Paper Shoot Cameras! You can do Time Lapse and 10 seconds of 1080P video. In order to switch the mode from photo to video, you must connect the camera to a power supply (not including your computer) with the USB cable provided with your camera. Once you connect your camera to the power source, toggle the filter view to the 4th setting.
How do I swap the lenses?
Our lens effects can be changed very easily! Just take off the lens cap, and the magnetic attachment at the bottom, and your lens will fit directly on the front of your camera by magnetics.

Submit your Photos or Videos for your chance to be featured

Please include the link to a shared cloud folder (Dropbox/Google Drive etc), with your photos taken by Paper Shoot Camera. Or DM us on Instagram @papershootcamera

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