Camera Set - CROZ Premium


The CROZ Premium Camera Set is a masterclass in minimalist design and superior photography. Crafted for the purists at heart and the adventurers in spirit, this set represents the zenith of compact digital photography, blending timeless style with the essence of simplicity.

With its sleek, bare-bones structure, it's a statement piece that doesn't just take photos – it makes a statement. The clear, high-quality resin or wood casing reveals the soul of CROZ, showcasing its elegant, no-frills design while inviting you to witness the magic of image-making.

In the box

  • One (1) 18MP Camera Board 
  • One (1) Handmade Resin Case
  • One (1) Luxury Wooden Case
  • One (1) USB-C charger
  • Two (2) Sets of Brass Fasteners 
  • One (1) Set of Resin Fasteners
  • One (1) Premium Vegan Leather Wrist Strap
  • One (1) Premium Brass Frame
  • One (1) 32GB SD Card
  • One (1) Wide Angle Lens
  • One (1) Macro Lens


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When you purchase a camera from us you get everything you need to get started on your photographic journey. Plus, we have all the accessories you could need to make every shot your own. Paper Shoot Cameras make it easy to be yourself, have fun and express your style all in one sweet package! Did you know that every camera comes with four unique shooting modes to set the tone of your shots? Learn about this and more by following one of the links below.

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Whether you're in the mood for classic black and white, warm sepia, vibrant full color, or cool moody tones, each mode adds a unique flavor to your pics. With just a flick of a switch, you can turn ordinary moments into unforgettable memories and bring your world to life in a spectrum of styles. These color modes are perfect for capturing any mood or moment and promise a world of photographic fun!

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