Flannel Sweater


Embrace the magic of Taylor's Evermore era by bundling up in a cozy jacket and taking your PaperShoot on drives through the picturesque hills of Vermont, exploring corn mazes, and picking crisp apples.

Paper Camera Information

Camera Specs

18MP - 4896x3672
Sensor - 1/3
Focus - 22mm
Aperture - F.22
ISO - 100-3200

What's Included?

1 Camera Board

1 Paper Stone Case

1 Paper Strap

1 Type-C USB Cable

2 Plastic & 2 Brass Fasteners

Requires 2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries and 1 SD Card – Sold Separately

Camera Features

18MP CMOS Image Resolution

One Button System

Automatic Image Algorithms

Time Lapse Capabilities in MP4 Format (Function Card Recording Sold Separately)

1440p 10 Seconds Video Clip in MP4 Format (Function Card Recording Sold Separately)

Four Color Effects (Color, Black and White, Sepia, and Blue Tone)

Supports SD Card with a Maximum 128GB Capacity (Sold Separately)

JPEG Picture Format

DIY Assembly

Compatible With MAC OS and Windows XP/SP2/Vista/7/8/10Answer

Weight & Dimensions

Product Size and Weight

Length: 10.9cm

Width: 7cm

Height: 1.2cm

Weight: 62g (without batteries)

Package Size and Weight

Length: 18cm


Height: 2.3cm

Weight: 135g (without batteries)

Blue Tone
Black & White

Get Creative With 4 Colour Filters

All of our cameras come with 4 shooting modes. Colour, Black & White, Sepia & Cool Tone.

Paper Cameras FAQs

How do you assemble the camera?

Start by inserting the AAA batteries on the bottom. Then add the SD card into the SD card slot on the right side of the camera (front camera facing you). Line up the case to the camera board and fold it over to the back. Use the golden screws to fasten the case in place at the top.

How do you take a picture?

Choose a filter on the back and press the shutter button on the front.

How do you take a video?

You’ll need the video function card or the USB-C cable and a power bank if you don’t have the function card. If you’re using the function card, insert it inside the camera on the right side underneath the SD card slot and choose the 3rd filter on the back to take time-lapse videos or the 4th filter to take regular 10-second videos.

For regular video, the camera indicators on the back will flash for 10 seconds and it’ll stop once the recording is done. When you’re recording a time-lapse video, you’ll want to leave the camera alone for 30 minutes while it continuously takes photos that will come together to create the video.

What do the error noises and lights mean?

There are 2 indicators on the back, the left is for the SD card and if that is flashing, it either means the SD card is missing, not put in correctly, is full, or the card is needing to be re-formatted. 

The indicator on the right is for the batteries and that means the batteries need to be changed. Use the cable your order came with to plug the camera in and charge the batteries.

How long does the camera last?

The camera lasts between 1 and 2 weeks on a single charge but of course, it all depends on how often you’re using the camera.

What kind of batteries do I need to use?

You need high quality AAA rechargeable batteries, we recommend Bonai batteries which we sell on the website, but any AAA rechargeable batteries would do

How sturdy is the camera?

The camera is created with stone paper which actually isn’t even paper, it’s crushed rock. We’ve tested the general sturdiness of our cameras by chucking them across our homes and they’ve all stood the test of time. They are also kid-proof and water-resistant.

Is the camera waterproof?

We like to say the camera is water resistant. It can withstand rain, snow, and a few coffee spills but we do not recommend dunking the camera in water.