Saguaro Sunrise Sunset


I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty of the Southwestern United States' deserts. I created a design using hand-drawn patterns to capture the desert's minimalistic charm. The camera has a daytime scene on the front and a nighttime scene on the back, showcasing the contrasting moods of the desert. As a photographer and artist, I always wanted a camera with a Southwestern theme. So, I seized this opportunity to create one! This camera is a must-have for anyone who loves art, nature, and photography.

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Austin Ashcraft

I am a photographer specializing in film and digital photography, but also a little bit of mixed media artwork. I enjoy street and landscape photography because I can capture a raw and natural moment in time. Photography is my way of making a seemingly ordinary space become extraordinary. Art is one of my favorite creative outlets because it allows me to unleash my creative potential and immerse myself in the process.

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