Retro Denim


The inspiration behind my design is the current girl power era. I was listening to Olivia Rodrigo's music and thinking about her album cover for SOUR, which features stickers. I also wanted to create something in the spirit of the Barbie movie. I love collages and mixed media art, so I initially started with a collage design. However, midway through, I thought of using denim patches, which added a unique touch to the design.

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Alex Preston

I am a videographer by trade but dabble in all sorts of art in my free time. I'm a crafty gal from painting, graphic design, animation, crocheting, and furniture flipping. I was inspired loosely by Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR cover and the current Y2K trends. I have a denim jacket that I am working on collecting patches. I love my Paper Shoot Camera and take it with me every vacation, concert, and night out. People always ask what it is, and I jump to tell them all about it. It is such a fabulous Idea!

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