Retro Tape

Imagine this: instead of streaming your favorite songs on Spotify or finding new music through a playlist curated especially for you by an algorithm that caters entirely to your taste, you have to listen to the radio, go to the record store, and buy an entire album hoping you’ll like it because of the one song you heard. Then, every time you wanna listen to music, you have to sift through your record collection, choose your picks, and get up every 20 minutes to flip the record over. Also, your record BETTER not get dusty, or it’ll sound awful. How fun! Let’s keep it simple - we’ll stick with Spotify, but keep the cool Retro Tape aesthetic. Compromise!

What's In The Box?

Case Only

The Case Only option comes with your design of choice + a set of our brass screw fasteners.

This option does not include the camera technology.

Case + Camera

The Case + Camera selection comes with the camera case design of your choice + an 18MP camera board & USB-C charging cable.

Blue Tone
Black & White

Get Creative With 4 Colour Filters

All of our cameras come with 4 shooting modes. Colour, Black & White, Sepia & Cool Tone.