Sign Aquarius

January 20 – February 17

Aquarius peeps are super unique and quirky. They're definitely not like everyone else, and that's what makes them extra special! Want to show off your own style? Try our Aquarius camera! You can snap pics of all your funky outfits, your wacky hobbies, and, of course, your BFFs whom you love to the moon and back, even if you haven't hit them up in a while. Our camera is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out and celebrate their own individuality.

In the box

  • Case:
    • One (1) Stone Paper Case
    • One (1) Set of Brass Fasteners
    • Please Note: This option does not include a camera
  • Case + Camera:
    • One (1) 18MP Camera Board
    • One (1) Stone Paper Case
    • One (1) Set of Brass Fasteners
    • One (1) USB-C Charging Cable

    What's In The Box?

    Case Only

    The Case Only option comes with your design of choice + a set of our brass screw fasteners.

    This option does not include the camera technology.

    Case + Camera

    The Case + Camera selection comes with the camera case design of your choice + an 18MP camera board & USB-C charging cable.

    Blue Tone
    Black & White

    Get Creative With 4 Colour Filters

    All of our cameras come with 4 shooting modes. Colour, Black & White, Sepia & Cool Tone.