SBS - Old Classic Black

$145.00 $203.00

The Old Classic Black camera carries with it an aura of coolness reminiscent of a '90s leather blazer you scored for a bargain price. It embodies the spirit of Johnny and Winona during the height of their romance, exuding an undeniable charm that intimidates even the most confident PaperShoot Cameras.

In the box
Our special edition bundles include everything you need to start your photographic journey!

  • One (1) Old Classic Black Stone Paper Case
  • One (1) 18MP Camera Board
  • One (1) Filter Card Bundle with 16 photo filter cards
  • One (1) 32GB SD Card
  • One (1) Package of 4 AAA Rechargeable Batteries

Blue Tone
Black & White

Get Creative With 4 Colour Filters

All of our cameras come with 4 shooting modes. Colour, Black & White, Sepia & Cool Tone.