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Blue Moon Holiday Collaboration Campaign

Blue Moon Holiday Collaboration Campaign - Paper Shoot Camera

Our 2022 Christmas was packed with some incredible business achievements, one of them being partnering with Molson Coors, a Canadian/American multinational brewing and drink company for a Holiday/Christmas collaboration. Molson Coors houses many of your favorite beer brands including the most iconic Coors Lite, Miller Lite, and Blue Moon Belgian White. 

Molson Coors created a campaign to promote their Thanksgiving and Holiday pies that paired perfectly with their beer selections. A few hundred cameras were ordered with a custom Blue Moon design on the front and back and given away in PR packages, to winners of giveaways, in gift-sets, and on our website as a limited-time offer custom camera for fans of the brewing company. 

Paper Shoot Camera offered this limited-time product by selling simple paper cameras as well as bundles that came with multiple accessories like our lenses! We were so lucky to be able to partner with such a successful company and brand and we can't wait for another chance to collaborate and create more custom pieces!