The Story Of Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot is known for being one of the most unique, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to film on the market. 

Founded on the principles of creativity, design, and sustainability, the Paper Shoot is recognized as one of the unique camera products worldwide. A simplistic digital point-and-shoot, the Paper Shoot combines the aesthetic and experience of film photography with the convenience of digital to provide an unmatched photography experience.

Who Invented Paper Shoot Camera?

In 2012, our founder, George Lin, worked as an engineer in Taiwan’s paper industry. A lifelong lover of analog photography and art, the wheels started to spin when the paper company added stone paper to the paper production line; durable, sustainable, and entirely customizable. George thought: What if I put a camera inside this? 

He wanted the camera to emulate film - one of his many passions. He carefully curated the settings and filters to mimic the look and even designed the casing to mimic a variety of analog cameras. The point-and-shoot style, photo aesthetic, and camera design all lent themselves to the final product: the perfect alternative to film and disposables. 

Months later, he held the first Paper Shoot Camera: a digital point-and-shoot that perfectly emulated the analog cameras he grew up using, built entirely with repurposed, recycled, and biodegradable materials and with dozens of uniquely designed interchangeable cases. 

Paper Shoot Camera Comes To North America.

In 2021, we brought Paper Shoot overseas: our owners, Gillian Gallant and Jack Bisson, launched Paper Shoot North America, and we blew up almost instantly. What started as a small team of employees selling out of a living room and figuring it out as we went along has now blossomed into a company of eleven. We’re still figuring it out as we go, but we can actually sit at our dining room table now.

Fast forward to 2023, Paper Shoot is an internationally recognized brand with hundreds of thousands of happy customers and brand partnerships. We continue to innovate, grow, and contribute to the world in whatever ways we can, still operating on our founding principles of sustainability and creativity. Using only recycled, repurposed, and biodegradable materials, paying ethical wages to all employees, and donating to charity with every camera purchase, we are committed to positively impacting the world in whatever ways we can!

Our Team At Paper Shoot Camera

Meet our awesome team at Paper Shoot Camera! Whether behind the scenes, or in front of the camera - the growth of our company is all due to the people we have on our team.