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Capturing Your World with Our New Travel Bundles

Capturing Your World with Our New Travel Bundles

When we say we've never offered something like this before, we mean it! 

Introducing to you, our new interactive travel bundles filled with everything you need to not only customize your camera but to pack it away for an adventure far far away!

We have 5 new travel bundles all while supplies last and they are, 


Each of our city bundles differ in slight ways, including which accessories you'll get. The few things that EVERY bundle will have is an 18 MP camera board, a 32 GB SD card, an SD card reader, a black neck chain, and a sticker sheet full of stamp stickers to add to your case. 

The way the bundles differ depends on which travel case you choose (we have 3 for you to pick from) and which filter card you get, since each city gets a unique filter card.

The New York Bundle comes with the Classic Film filter card. Our Rio Bundle gives you a the Wes Anderson (Orange & Teal) filter card. Our Rome Bundle gives you a monochrome elegance filter card. With the Toronto Bundle, you get an Icy Chill filter card and with London, it's the Moody filter card!

These are the PERFECT getaway bundles to surprise yourself and your loved ones with! The neck chains are the best way to ensure you don't lose your camera while you're away and the filter cards are perfect if you want to change the look of your photos with different filters. If you'e impatient like a lot of us on the team, the SD card reader is helpful in helping you see your photos straight away on your device. We've thought through every detail so that your Paper Shoot Camera is the easiest and best device you'll use to capture all your photos! The only thing you need to make sure you have are high quality rechargeable batteries, everything else we've included! 

These bundles would originally be $194 but at checkout, you'll get a discount marking them down to $154, that's a $40 discount! We launched these bundles on March 18th and will have them until supplies last!