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Don't Get Disposable Cameras for Your Wedding Before You Read This

Don't Get Disposable Cameras for Your Wedding Before You Read This - Paper Shoot Camera

We’ve noticed a few trends coming back into style for the summer of 2022, one of them being using disposable cameras to take pictures at your wedding. It might seem like the perfect idea to get a bunch of disposables and place them on each table for guests to take pictures with, and while we completely understand the allure of such a trend, when you break down the numbers, you’re usually wasting a lot of your time and money. Let’s break a few things down below. 

Let’s say you’re purchasing 20 disposable cameras for your wedding. If you look online, the cheapest option we could find was around $10-$15 per camera. That totals to about $200- $300 before taxes. Of course, after your wedding is over, it costs another $15 per camera to develop each camera and see what your guests took. If you’ve ever played around with a disposable camera, you know not all of them turn out high quality so there’s a good chance you lose a good amount of the pictures due to them being blurry. The total cost for all this ranges from $500-$600 and for some people, that may be worth it, but for others looking for a better solution, the Paper Shoot Came is here to save the day.

The Paper Shoot Camera is a one-time purchase of $120 and gives you old-school and disposable-looking pictures without all the waste. Because it uses an SD card to store all your pictures, it’s unlimited, meaning once you fill the SD card up with content, the camera will alert you when it’s time to transfer photos to empty up the space and use the SD card again. So, one Paper Shoot Camera will give you many more pictures than 20 disposables. So, you’re really only needing one camera to pass around to guests instead of trying to keep track of multiple cameras. The Paper Shoot camera also comes with 4 photo filters as well as the capability to take videos and time-lapse videos, which gives your guests more options on what kind of pictures and videos they want to capture on your big day. 

A few other exciting features about our cameras are the cases, which are beautifully designed and interchangeable. They take a few seconds to change out and you can easily match the aesthetic and mood of your wedding with the camera case. Our cameras are also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, which is something a lot of customers are interested in. Everything our camera uses to function is reusable, including the rechargeable batteries, SD card, durable cases, and lenses. It’s just our way of supporting the environment and helping to keep trash out of landfills.

Overall, we love the trend of capturing vintage and disposable-like pictures from guests at a wedding. We just think using the Paper Shoot Camera will give you so much more for your time and money in the long run. If you want more information, check out our fearless leader Jillian and her TikTok video on what she learned when using both disposables and a Paper Shoot Camera at her wedding.