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How to Take the Best Photos with Your Paper Shoot Camera

How to Take the Best Photos with Your Paper Shoot Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

 Just like any other camera you have in your collection, there are different things you can do to get the best possible photos from that specific camera. While we work hard to bring you a camera that’s incredibly easy and efficient to use, the Paper Shoot is no exception when it comes to finding ways to make sure your photos come out clear and colorful. Here are just a few tips we have to bring your photos to life whether you’re traveling on vacation or taking your camera out to capture good times with loved ones.

Find the Best Outdoor Lighting and Angles – We highly recommend getting your Paper Shoot Camera outside and into the sun, those are the best pictures we’ve seen from our customers. When shooting outdoors, be sure to have the subject of your picture facing the light source so as to highlight more of what you’re trying to take. It’s recommended to grab as much light as possible for your pictures no matter what filter you’re using on the camera.


Be Patient When Capturing Your Photos – Sometimes we can rush the picture-taking process as soon as we hear the shutter button taking a picture but for best results and to capture a crystal-clear picture, be sure to give yourself another second of stillness after you hear the picture being taken. Keep in mind, we’ve designed the camera to give each picture that vintage and disposable-looking filter, so pictures won’t exactly look like the clear photos your iPhone can take, but that’s intentional. We just love that vintage aesthetic!


Be as Still as Possible When Taking Your Photo – You can still capture beautiful photos with that blurry effect if you move the camera while taking the photo, but if you’re looking for a crisper-looking photo, try to keep the camera as still as possible while you’re getting your shot.


Be Sure to Check What Vintage Filter You’re Using First – I can’t recall how many times I’ve grabbed my camera and gone outside to take pictures of the changing leaves or a concert I’m attending and realized I’ve taken every picture in the black and white filter. While those pictures weren’t bad and turned out quite nice, I really wanted to highlight the beautiful colors and lights around me. Be sure you keep an eye out on what filter you’ve chosen and if you’re wanting more color-rich photos, we suggest the sepia or blue filter (3rd and 4th) to really make the colors pop. 

On October 7th, we launched our new 18MP camera that brings lots of new and exciting features. With a higher MP, more quality with each filter (even nighttime shooting), 1440p video capabilities, a USB-c charging port, and new function cards that give you a unique filter and look with each photo, there’s really no reason why you won’t love this new update! Pre-order the new camera on our website and get a free function card of your choice.