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New & Highly Anticipated Holiday Products!

New & Highly Anticipated Holiday Products! - Paper Shoot Camera

We can't go through a holiday season without launching a few new goodies and we're excited for this launch specifically because these items have been asked about for a while! From our fans on social media to our Discord community who rallied and continued showing interest in these products, we decided it was time to show them a little holiday love and bring these amazing products to our site!

Introducing our Moody Filter Pack

This one's a favorite among the team! It's finally Winter or at least on the East Coast, which means everything's darker, colder, and a little moodier. Our 4 filters Sunrise Sunset, Dark Autumn, Forks, & Pumpkin Spice are the perfect filters to celebrate the start of the Winter Season and bring out those moodier tones and vibes in your photography. 

Lens Caps

This one has been asked about for ages and we finally found a way to bring them to our customers! As we find ways to secure our cameras and keep them from getting damaged, we knew we needed to add something that covered the most important part of the camera, the lens! We offer several styles for every aesthetic and personality out there! 

Disco Camera Cases! These have bee a fan favorite over in Taiwan and we NEEDED to get these here to Canada and the States. We love these beautiful cases and they are a beautiful and vibrant addition to our case collection. We have 2 variations, a white case & gold and a brown & gold case!