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Paper Shoot's Filtered Captures

Paper Shoot's Filtered Captures

The most enticing part about the Paper Shoot Camera, besides the eco-friendly design, it's reusability, the beautifully-designed interchangeable cases, and the accessories, are the film vibe, vintage-aesthetic photos, making it the perfect alternative to disposables and film cameras!

Our cameras have 4 built-in filters on the back, color, black & white, sepia, and a cool blue tone; there's something for everyone! 

This weeks blog is all about showing off the gorgeous photography this little digital camera takes! Now to note, we do have a lot of photos out there on our socials that don't look quite like the ones below, and that's because we have filter cards in addition to the filters that come with your Paper Shoot Camera. These are able to be purchased separately and give you all new filters to play around with! We have blog posts and videos circling our channels and website from those filter cards if you'd like to see those photos or purchase those filter cards. For the ones integrated into the camera, here's a big sneak peak below! 



Black & White


Cool Blue