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Troubleshooting Questions

Troubleshooting Questions - Paper Shoot Camera

We're here to answer some of those pesky questions you might have when you feel like something is wrong with your camera. For the most part, small issues having to do with batteries or your SD card are easily able to be fixed and if after you've exhausted all other efforts, we do offer a return window of 7 days where you can request a new camera if it's a manufacturing issue. Here are some of the more popular troubleshooting questions...

What do the flashing lights and error noises mean?

The flashing lights and noises are there to alert you of 2 things, if your battery is dying and if your SD card is either full or not formatted properly. On the back of the camera there are two small lights with very tiny symbols underneath. One is a lightening bolt and when that's flashing, it means the batteries need to be charged. When the small SD card symbol is flashing, it means there's an issue with your SD card. Either it needs to be emptied or it needs to be formatted to ExFat. 

Ensure you're using very high quality AAA rechargeable batteries, we recommend Bonai and that your SD card is properly formatted for up to 128 GB. 

What to do if your camera arrives broken:

After exhausting all options and working to figure out the issues, if you're still having problems and you've determined that your camera is broken, you can send us an email at with photos of the camera and the issues that are present. We can then set you up with a new camera and you can send your old camera back so we can repurpose it. If you're looking for a full refund, email us within 7 days and we will send you your money back once we've seen you've returned the camera back to us.