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What your Choice of a Photo Filter Says About You!

What your Choice of a Photo Filter Says About You!
What I love about photography is how unique it can be to each person that takes a photo. It's all about the eye and your perspective on the subject which is why if you have different people all taking the same photo, you can see nuanced differences in each photo!
My favorite product Paper Shoot has come out with are the filter cards, which allows even more of a customized photography experience depending on the mood and style of photo you're seeking. Did you know that the filter you resonate more with and choose each time, says something about you and your personality? That might be obvious to some people but it surprised me! 
Our filter card set has 4 filter cards inside, Classic Film, Wes Anderson (Teal & Orange), Icy Chill, and Monochrome Elegance and here's what it means if you tent to gravitate more towards one over the other! 
Classic Film: The Nostalgic 
Film has always been prevalent, even in a modern world of digital. It's because it brings us back to a moment in time we might not have been a part of. Classic film filter users are curious ones, and are always open to bringing it back to simpler days. They like to take things slow and really focus on each photo and the uniqueness of what that moment captures. These individuals don't mind imperfections in their photos, in fact, some might welcome them in and they're always looking for ways to bring out a different side or perspective to the photos they capture. They love finding the best in each color and making sure they all pop and have their chance at glory!
Wes Anderson (Teal & Orange): My Life's a Movie
The symmetry, the eye-catching colors, the aesthetic! Ugh it's too good for our eyes! Whether you're a cinema lover or not, the Wes Anderson filter users want to feel like their life is a movie, whether to escape themselves or to feel something more, even just for a moment. This filter mimics our Classic Film filter in the sense that it draws in nostalgia and the need for simpler times as the world around us sometimes feels like it's crashing down. Users of this filter like more deliberate shots; shots that have been set up and thought about before taken. They enjoy more precise photography and love the symmetry that the Wes Anderson trend is giving. Not only that, but the colors invite more creativity and capture a completely different world to dive into. Because of the warmer sepia-toned photos, these individuals tend to enjoy the warmer months as opposed to the harsh winters.
Icy Chill: Attention to Detail-ers
For the ones who enjoy high contrast and bright colors, The Icy Chill filter creates a cooler-toned photo relaxing the colors and bringing a little comfort to the eyes. Icy Chill users are probably more contemplative and notice subtle details that others might not. Their eyes dart to different colors and they always strive to capture more depth in their photos. Not necessarily needing a photo to be perfect, they do look for ways to brighten up the shadows so that all of the subject they're shooting is visible. They like to stay focused and concentrate on getting that great photo as they look for sharpness in their photography! As far as the tone, because of the cooler contrast, these individuals tend to enjoy the colder months of Fall and Winter as opposed to the warmer and lighter Summer months. 
Monochrome Elegance: Moody, Broody, and Bright
Oh you broody and moody ones, this one's for you! I'm joking, you definitely don't have to be a broody person to enjoy this filter! The monochrome elegance users usually have a little more appreciation for the simpler things in life, they don't need a lot of pizzaz to appreciate a moment or photo. They don't need bright colors to find a photo colorful. Finding beauty in the mundane is their gift and that makes them some of the most open-minded photographers out there!